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Platinum Invisalign Providers

We are proud to have earned the title of Platinum Invisalign Providers. What does that mean? These titles are only awarded to dental practices and dentists who have an exceptional amount of experience and treatment results. Knowing that you are dealing with dental professionals who have experience and knowledge means that we can provide the results that you are looking for!

Smiling Dental can help you achieve a straighter smile in as little as 2 months! Prices start from just $3000. Payment plans are available to make straight teeth more accessible than ever!

Invisalign is a revolutionary modern orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth.It straightens your teeth using a series of removable clear plastic aligners. These aligners gradually adjust the position and alignment of teeth in order to create a straight and attractive smile. No metal braces or metal wires to be seen!

As Invisalign aligners are transparent, you can straighten your teeth without feeling self-conscious – and if you have an important meeting or event coming up, you can always remove the aligners for that short time. You can achieve a beautiful and straight smile without anyone noticing you’re undergoing dental treatment.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?

By far the major reason why patients get invisalign is because they are almost invisible! Invisalign aligners are clear, and so are difficult to see.

The aligners are removable. This makes it easy to take them out to eat and drink. It also makes it much easier brush and floss your teeth. This stops plaque from getting trapped on your teeth.

Invisalign works faster than traditional braces. This reduction in treatment time means that most treatments range between 3 months to 12 months. It is a quick treatment to get the straight teeth that you’ve always wanted.

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What to expect

Your smile makeover will begin with a free cosmetic dentistry consultation. During this consultation, you will discuss your goals with our dentists who will then outline a customised plan for your Invisalign treatment using 3D technology. This means you’ll be able to see what your teeth are expected to look like at the end of the treatment even before treatment has begun!

Prices start from just $3000. Interest free payment plans are available.

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