Correcting a gummy smile

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Tired of uneven gums or a gummy smile?

Gummy smiles can often be corrected with a simple gum lift (gingival tissue recontouring surgery). A gum recontouring procedure heals very quickly and appears normal within days. The amazing results are almost instantaneous.

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Gum Lift Brisbane

Gum recontouring, commonly known as a gum lift, is a procedure used to correct gums that are uneven or cover too much of the teeth. A gummy smile can make your teeth appear shorter than they are and result in a less aesthetically attractive smile.

Working with Smiling Dental, you can make your teeth sparkle and smile shine with a gum lift. Our cosmetic dentists can assess your smile and discuss your needs and requirements.

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Gum Lift FAQs

What is a gum lift?

A gum lift is a dental procedure used to improve the appearance of a smile and reduce a gummy smile. Also known as gum recontouring, gum laser surgery, crown re-shaping or gum laser re-shaping, a gum lift can remove uneven gum lines.

What happens in a gum lift treatment?

In a gum lift treatment, a dental expert will reshape or sculpt your gum line to remove excess gum tissue, covering your teeth. The gum lift procedure is typically completed over one in-office dental visit using local anaesthesia and takes on average 1 to 2 hours.

How much is a gum lift?

The cost of a gum lift will vary depending on personal circumstance, the extent of gum tissue requiring removal and the amount covered by dental insurance. Smiling Dental offers a free consultation with one of your dental experts to provide a customised quote and gum lift plan to suit you. Contact our team today to book your consult now.

How long is gum lift recovery?

Following a gum lift procedure, the recovery time can take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the extent of the surgery.

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