white fillingsWhite fillings are the conservative approach to repairing broken teeth and cavities caused by tooth decay. At Smiling Dental, our focus is on restoring your teeth to look natural and healthy. Restorative dental treatment enables you to restore your oral well-being and prevent further deterioration. Recent advances in white filling materials means that these tooth fillings look extremely natural. In fact often you can’t even tell that a filling has been placed.

Amalgam Filling Replacement

Amalgam fillings are an older tooth filling material which have been superceded by new modern dental filling materials. We use materials that create the most natural looking teeth.

At Smiling Dental, we are proactive rather than reactive towards replacement of amalgam fillings. Amalgam replacement of old, black, failing metal fillings is important. There are many reasons for this. Old amalgam fillings can often fracture teeth and contribute to tooth sensitivity. Or decay can leak underneath these fillings. Old amalgam fillings are unattractive as they are silver or black in colour.

By replacing these old metal fillings, we can preserve as much healthy remaining tooth structure as possible. This allows us to help save your natural teeth, maintaining your oral health.

On teeth which have larger holes, we may recommend crowns or porcelain onlays to restore these teeth. These restorations are extremely strong (stronger than your natural teeth in fact) and will prevent the loss of the tooth. Porcelain onlays will outlast white fillings.

The experienced dentists at Smiling Dental will guide you to the best restorative treatment for the best dental outcome.