Dental Implant Promotion – single tooth implants now only $4000!

At Smiling Dental, we are skilled at providing you with beautiful dental implants that restore your natural smile. Currently on special for only $4000 for a titanium implant including a full porcelain crown, this represents exceptional value (normally $6500). We dental implants we can replace your missing tooth with a brand new implant tooth.

At your consultation, we’ll talk you through your dental implant options and discuss the procedure. This includes the amount of time your treatment is likely to take and the steps involved. There are various factors involved in ascertaining your suitability for implants including medical and dental health. These need to be assessed prior to implant surgery.

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dental implantWhat is a dental implant?

Dental implants act as a replacement for your missing tooth root, and effectively mimic the performance of a natural tooth – providing you with a lasting solution to tooth loss. We use excellent MIS implants as our preferred titanium implant.

Implants are basically titanium inserts to replace one, a few, or all your missing teeth. There are many considerations in deciding whether or not implants will suit you. Dental implants have become a routine part of everyday dentistry.

Benefits of implants

Dental implants have become an important part of modern dentistry, with millions of people already benefiting from the use of implants. Implants can provide you with outstanding aesthetic, functional, and long term results in the right situations.

Whether your looking to replace a missing tooth, a few or all your missing teeth, or sick and tired of loose dentures, implants may be for you. If you are missing one, a few or all your teeth, or even if you have loose dentures, contact us to arrange a consultation today.

Benefits of implants include:

  • Replace your missing tooth or teeth with beautiful, all-porcelain crowns using the latest materials and techniques
  • Restore your bite by preventing your natural teeth from moving from position